It's Official..

It's safe to say, we miss you! We miss our brides, we miss each and every customer that we have the opportunity to work with. We miss guiding our brides through each step of their engagement and piecing together their perfect look for their big day. We miss the tears, laughter and sweet moments between our brides and their guests. We can't wait to have it all back!  Recently, we received a picture from one of our amazing brides. She was the last bride to get married before the pandemic hit and we were forced to close. When you look at her smile, you see pure can't help but realize that in that split second, life is good. Her smile pushes worry and stress away. To all of our brides and future brides, we know the countdown to your wedding is now just a little bit longer. But you will have that same feeling and that same smile and we can't wait to show it off when you do! 

As we move through this challenging time, we thank everyone for their continued patience and support. We’re constantly monitoring the status of COVID-19, both locally and nationally, and our primary concern remains keeping our clients and employees safe. While we are patiently waiting for word of when we are able to re-open, please know we are thinking of you all.

Trust us when we are able to open, we are running to our doors with tears rolling down our cheeks! That will truly be one of our best days ever. Until then... 

Love to you all, 

The FB Team