Life Today As We Know It..

We are certainly living our lives today in a very unusual way. While you are reading this, we hope you and your family & friends are staying healthy and safe. As all small businesses, we were forced to close our doors on March 23, 2020. It was an extremely emotional day for Francesca and her staff. As we are half way into celebrating our twentieth year of business, we can't help but take a step back and appreciate where we are today. For the past twenty years, we have had hundreds of brides walk through the doors of our "second home." Trust me when I say, we can't wait to reopen those doors again soon!

We started this site, with hopes that we can continue to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Whatever the occasion may be, there is something for each and every one of you. We have strong connections with all of the companies that we work with. This is our way of making sure we support them as best as we can. 

As we continue to follow the strict orders of our Governor, we will keep you updated with new information of when we will be back in the salon. Until then, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.. keep in touch and whatever you do.. enjoy life now. Our lives are always busy, hectic and crazy. Do we miss it... yes absolutely! However, we are taking the time to just be.... whether it's to read a book or take a walk... to connect with family and friends.. 

Stay Healthy Friends... All Our Love... Team FB